Avaya IP Office Telephone System

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The Avaya IP Office has been one of the bestselling telephone system for Small and Medium sized businesses for over 10 Years.  It easily scales from just 5 users right up to 3000 Users across 150 locations.

Unified Communications is the basis of the Avaya IP Office system and it offers telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact centre, video, and unified communications—all in a flexible platform from a single manufacturer. With the Avaya IP Office employees can work smarter where ever they are.

Due to the wide range of options and integrations, we believe that the only way to spec or install a system for a customer is to find out how you want to use it, therefore we do not offer a simple “off the shelf package” that will simply ring all phones for a call. The system can integrate into your business needs so much better than that.

And you can be sure that when you are ready to expand, the IP Office range can expand with you with sophisticated VoIP capability, connectivity or integration options to ensure cost effective communications that work with your business needs. You can also be sure that if a smaller system suits your needs, it can be expanded, and even integrated into a full server based system at a later date, so none of your investment is wasted.

Running on either Avaya’s own platform in the form of the IP Office 500V2 for standalone solution or as a dedicated Server running the IP Office Server Edition operating software whilst providing additional capacity.  Or for additional resiliency then in the form of the Virtual solution, the IP Office Server Edition can be deployed on Virtual Server platform like VMware.

Increase Business Collaboration with Avaya applications

Accelerate growth and transform your business with a complete, integrated solution—collaboration, mobility, multichannel contact centre, networking, security and video —all from a single source. Using the Avaya One-X applications you can provide seamless communication for your employees where ever they are.

Avaya Video – Work Anywhere


Avaya One-X portal

Avaya One-X Protal

Avaya One-X portal is a web based application that connects the Avaya IP Office telephone system to a desktop or tablet.  Avaya One-X portal provides instant control of the desk phone, access to instant messaging, Voicemail,  Audio Conference control and scheduling.

Avaya One-X® Portal for IP Office provides the following features:

  • Call information
  • Call and conference control
  • Presence and instant messaging notifications, monitoring and archiving
  • Contact import
  • Conference call and other meeting scheduling including port reservations, email support and automatic report creation — available within the Outlook interface
  • One-click web conferencing hosting and single sign-on joining web conferences as a participant

One-X Outlook Plugin


The Avaya IP Office One-X Outlook plugin integrates the One-X portal capabilities into a handy side bar within Microsoft Outlook.  When outlook is open the user can easily dial, hang-up, control a conference call, instant message other users and see the status on other users on the system.




 One-X Mobile

One-X Mobile client on I-Phone
Avaya One-X Mobile client

Being on the road no longer means being out of the office. Each staff member has just one number that customers use to reach them in any location, on any device. Routing all calls through your office to assure privacy and provides the ability to record calls answered on a mobile device. Placing calls over available WiFi reduces call charges. Provide remote and mobile staff in-office capabilities from virtually any device, including access to the corporate directory, conference control, presence, and instant messaging.

One-X Mobile application runs on Android or IOS devices and provides telephony control of the Avaya IP Office telephone system from the Mobile device.

One-X Mobile Preferred mobility client supports VoIP mode on both IOS and Android devices. VoIP mode allows calls to be made and received on the mobile device as an extension on the Avaya IP Office telephone system using Wifi or 4G. When Wifi/4G is not available the Users can select call-back mode where the Avaya IP Office then calls the mobile telephone number when the user either makes a call on the One-X Mobile application or receives a call to their business telephone number.

Avaya One-X Mobile Preferred features:-

  • Ring-tone selection
  • High bandwidth or narrowband codec selection based on the network connection available
  • Bluetooth headset audio control on VoIP calls
  • Conference screen
  • Contact phone number selection
  • Voicemail indicator
  • Swipe support for instant messaging on home screen
  • Group action support
  • Emoticons
  • CLID lookup in contacts for calls
  • Send voicemail as WAV in email
  • Enable or disable mobile twinning (simultaneous ring)
  • Enable or disable Do Not Disturb (send all calls)
  • Call log combined with voicemails in the event history
  • Call monitoring to see and interact with all calls
  • VoIP mode dial plan
  • Transfer calls as a third-party call controller
  • Call Record

Smarter Meetings

From an ad-hoc audio conference through to fully integrated Video conferencing with Web collaboration to share and edit files the Avaya IP Office solution can provide it.

With the Avaya One-X Outlook plugin you can quickly instigate an audio conference between 3 to 63 people with the control of muting or disconnecting Individuals, all from within outlook.  The Avaya One-X plugin also allows you to schedule an audio conference with individual conference PINs for each attendee.

Video brings engagement to life. Whether you are meeting with co-workers in a remote office, partners across the country, or customers around the world, enjoy the experience of face-to-face meetings via simple, intuitive, and convenient video. See others in HD video, and annotate and share presentations to make meetings more productive, efficient, and meaningful. All you need is a network connection and a PC, Mac, or mobile device. Avaya IP Office virtual meeting rooms work with the latest video conferencing room systems. Our video portfolio includes:

Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Avaya Contact Centre

Avaya is the market leader in call centre technology, and IP Office Contact Centre can take your business to a new level. Avaya IP Office Contact Centre provides integrated contact centre capabilities specifically designed for businesses supporting between 5 and 250 contact centre agents and supervisors.

IP Office Contact Centre provides the following features and characteristics:

  • All-in-one customer service solution that delivers consistent service to customers across multiple media channels and locations. IP Office Contact Centre includes a user interface (UI) on Microsoft Windows and a Chrome UI. The Chrome UI is supported on Chrome devices.
  • Access to Agent UI functionality, including call control, from a SalesForce (SFDC) plug-in or SAP CRM connector.
  • Fast implementation with minimum disruption to the business. IP Office Contact Centre also includes an automatic synchronization feature for configuration. This feature can be enabled and disabled as needed during implementation.
  • Flexible, common administration and management.
  • Inbound and outbound voice calls with telephony and dialler capabilities.
  • Email and chat capabilities in the Windows UI.
  • Skills-based routing.
  • Address book access so agents can quickly find the contact information they need to make calls and send emails.
  • Real time and historical reporting for all media channels.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Task Flow Editor scripts.
  • User profile and agent group privilege configuration to determine which features are available to users of the interface. Administrators must assign privileges and create agent groups. The IP Office Contact Centre interface supports the following user types:
    • Agents: Make and receive telephone calls. If configured, agents can also communicate using email and instant messaging chats.
    • Supervisors: Monitor the activities agents perform on the IP Office Contact Centre interface. Supervisors can also create, view, and edit reports, real-time information in the interface, and call statistics.
    • Administrators: Perform system administration, such as configuring email and chat services. Administrators can also create and edit topics, objects, call flows, and scripts.
  • Access to a web-based administration portal that allows you to perform initial configuration
  • Optional integration with Avaya Contact Recorder. Calls are recorded with Voicemail Pro and the details of the complete recording are stored in the Avaya Contact Recorder database. You can search for and manage recordings using a web browser.
  • Access to a wallboard that displays IP Office Contact Centre statistics.

Avaya Contact Center Select

Avaya Contact Centre Select is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multimedia customer experience solution that allows small to midsize enterprises to anticipate, accelerate, and enhance customer interactions. Avaya Contact Centre Select uses the Avaya IP Office telephone system to provide a real-time telephony platform. Avaya IP Office is a flexible and scalable phone system designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises. IP Office supports a wide range of phones and devices for use in contact centres.

Avaya Contact Centre Select provides a feature rich voice and multimedia solution with integrated routing and reporting for the small to midsize enterprises. Voice-enabled agents and agent-supervisors created in Avaya Contact Centre Select are automatically added to the IP Office platform. Avaya Contact Centre Select synchronizes agent and agent-supervisor details from Avaya Contact Centre Select to the IP Office platform.

Avaya Contact Centre Select supports the following routed contact types:

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Outbound
  • Web communications (Web chat)
  • SMS text messages
  • Fax messages
  • Scanned documents
  • Voice mail messages

Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) is a Web browser-based tool for Avaya Contact Center Select administrators and supervisors to manipulate the data and reporting for the contact center database. You can use Contact Center Manager Administration to configure contact center resources, contact flows, components, and activities. You can also use Contact Center Manager Administration to define access levels to data and provide dynamic reporting to fit your business needs.

Avaya Contact Center Select provides a simplified voice prompt management utility. The contact center supervisor can perform prompt management work without requiring administrator access to the Avaya Contact Center Select server. Avaya Contact Center Select provides a number of status monitoring utilities to monitor the integration points with the IP Office software.

Technical Information by IP Office Editions

Edition Platform Business size (users) Addresses business needs
Essential Edition IP500 V2 5–99 Simple telephony and messaging capabilities plus IP telephony with essential mobility
Preferred Edition IP500 V2 5–250 Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility
Server Edition Linux Server, IP500 V2 and Linux Expansion 100 — 2000 Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility
Server Edition Select Linux Server, IP500 V2 and Linux Expansion 100 — 3000 Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility
Server Edition or Server Edition Select with Virtualised Software Virtualised 100 — 2000
100 — 3000
Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility


Server specifications

The following tables list the minimum server specifications for the IP Office Server Edition Solution:

Server option Large server #1 Large server #2 Large server #3
Chassis Dell R630 1U Dell R620 1U HP DL360G7 1U
Processor 2 x E5-2620v3, 2.4 GHz 2 x E5-2630, 2.3 GHz 2 x E5620, 2.4 GHz
Memory (RAM) 32 GB 32 GB 12 GB
Hard disk drive 2 x 600 GB 2 x 600 GB 2x 300 GB, 10K
RAID RAID 1 Hot swap RAID 1 Hot swap RAID 1 Hot swap
RAID Controller H730 H710 P410i
Power Supplies 2x 750W AC Hot swap 2x 495W AC Hot swap 2x 460W AC Hot swap
NICS 6x GB full duplex 4x GB full duplex 4 Port, Motherboard
Optical Drive 1x DVD +/- RW 1x DVD +/- RW 1x DVD+/-RW, SATA, INTERNAL
PCI Type 2 x8 Gen2 Slots (PCIe) 2 x8 Gen2 Slots (PCIe) 1-LP X8 PCIe & 1-FL/FH X16 PCIe Riser

Server option Small server #1 Small server #2 Small server #3
Chassis Dell R220 1U HP DL120G7 1U Dell R210 1U
Processor 1 x E3-1220, 3.1 GHz 1 x E3-1220, 3.1 GHz 1 x E3-1220, 3.1 GHz
Memory (RAM) 16 GB 12 GB 12 GB
Hard disk drive 1x 500 GB, 7.2K 1x 250 GB, 7.5K 1x 250 GB, 7.5K
RAID RAID 0 (none) RAID 0 (none) RAID 0 (none)
RAID Controller On board P212, 256 MB On board
Power Supplies 1 x 250 W AC 1 x 400 W AC 1 x 502 W AC
NICS 2 Port, Motherboard 2 Port, Motherboard 2 Port, Motherboard
PCI Type 1 x16 Gen2 Slots (PCIe) 1-HL/LP X8 PCIe & 1-FL/FH X16 PCIe Riser 1 x16 Gen2 Slots (PCIe)