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Rallye Communications' ADR
Rallye Communications’ ADR Race car

Rallye Communications Ltd have been resolving business communications issues since 1997. During this time we have seen Network Alchemy become Avaya, and many changes in the way that phones connect to each other. We have therefore had to adapt from analogue and ISDN  through proprietary digital phones to the current IP telephony. We have also seen the way we connect to the world change from analogue lines with modems, through ISDN with Terminal adapters and now to high speed broadband with SIP trunks. These all need different approaches to work seamlessly. We therefore have built up a coherent portfolio of products to offer our customers, all of which can be properly integrated, are known to operate together but be flexible enough for new requirements.

What does your small or medium sized enterprise require from their communications?

The main thing Rallye Communications have learnt about your communications need is that you require it to work with and for the way you do business. We also know that all of our customers, and that your business is different to the last company we worked with. The big companies like BT and Virgin have a price list, and you just need to select something from it, this is never a good match to how you work. We are smaller and much more agile, and will find out how you work, then tailor a system to match your needs. How much more will this cost? Well, compared to the likes of BT, it is usually cheaper, and if not, it will always work better for you, and thus be easy to recoup that difference.

With the ever increasing speed and number of devices connected to the internet, security has never been so important.  Rallye understand that you need the same levels of security as any Enterprise, but don’t have the resources to handle it. To this end, we have partnered with Watchguard, who focus on SME security, not Enterprise, aiming to deliver the equivalent protection levels without the complexity.

Why choose Rallye Communications?

As our name suggest “To rallye is to come together for a common cause”, in our case we work with our customers to achieve a communications system that works with their way of doing business, and enhances it. Rallye are proud to be associated with speed, both in our work and play, and we bring all of the attributes needed to create a championship winning car into the service we provide to our customers. These being speed, reliability, quality, team work and commitment.

We are proud that our customers stay with us for a long time and recommend us to their business contacts.  This says a lot about how we provide support and a team feel that includes our customers.