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New Watchguard Firebox T30 and Firebox T50 tabletop UTMs

We now have available the New Watchguard Firebox T30 and T50 UTM appliances. These replace the XTM-25, XTM-26, XTM-33 and XTM-330 models which are now end of sale.

Watchguard T10, T30 and T50 stack
Watchguard T10, T30 and T50 stack

These are both fanless desktop models that are perfect for any office or home office environment, and perfectly fill the area between the recent T10 and M-series releases. The Firebox T50 provides a quiet alternative to the XTM-330 for any case where they are to be installed into the office environment without compromising on the ability to secure even a full speed FTTC connection.

Uniquely, they both offer a Power Over Ethernet port. While this is mainly intended to handle an additional wireless access point, it is perfectly capable of handling any device that may be needed. If used with the Wireless version, this will allow a fully integrated wireless option for a medium sized office, or large house. Remember that if more wireless points are needed, these can be implemented with localised power.

Connectivity is perfect for everyone with 5 Gigabit ports in the T30, and 7 in the T50, all with the standard Watchguard complete flexibility of use. Combine this with a total throughput of up to 1.2Gbps in Firewall only mode, 165Mbps in full UTM mode and you can see how these can be a great fit.

And remember that from Rallye, we supply an initial configuration and ongoing support. That make sure that these are a perfect fit for all your needs. If you need something with a bit more power or ports, look to the M-series range. If unsure, please call or email to discuss your needs.